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Find Personality Traits Using Birth Date & Name

All of us enter this world at a specific time and are given a specific name. As has been scientifically proven, the entire universe is composed of energy, including human beings. Therefore, it is reasonable that one can capture the energy field at a given moment in time. The date (month, day, year) of your birth and the full name (first, middle, last) you are given at birth are an imprint of your personal energy vibrations when you enter this world. As such, these two pieces of information become your personal ‘stamp’—a mark that is your underlying signature. Hand writing experts can tell a lot about a person by their signature. As such, these experts are often used in legal cases to determine identity. Similarly, your personality traits are unique to you and identify who you are.

The impression you have when you are born will remain in force throughout your life. This is your base energy. Using some of your physical features when you are born can give you a better idea of how to describe your particular number indicators imprinted at birth. Say, for instance, that you are born with brown eyes. In all likelihood, the color of your eyes will remain brown for the rest of your life. However, you can choose to wear colored contacts, thus changing the look of your eyes and the world’s perception of your eye color. If you originally had brown eyes, but you now wear blue contacts, others will see you as a blue-eyed person. Nevertheless, on legal documents, when you must list the color of your eyes, you will list them as brown, despite the fact that you periodically wear blue contacts. Therefore, you can never change the fact that you, in actuality, have brown eyes. Your base energy remains the same, no matter if your change or begin using another name later in life.

Again, the basis for numerology is measuring energy based upon numbers—a tradition bound by a spirituality definition, spiritual evidence and the relationship between numbers and living things. Therefore, using your month, day and year of birth and your full name set for you at your time of birth, a numerologist can measure your unique traits. If you request a numerology reading, it is important that you provide these two vital pieces of information to get an accurate measurement and report. Do not give a nickname or married name, although those names will have some influence. The effects of changing your name can be found elsewhere in this site. It is also important to note that you do not have to worry about providing personal information to receive a report within this site. Your information is important to us and we make every effort to keep it 100% private, as indicated in our Privacy Policy.

Everything in numerology is reduced to a single-digit, except for Master Numbers. Therefore, the end value will be a numerical digit ranging from one (1) to nine (9). As stated, some numbers, such as 11, 22 and 33, are Master Numbers. Therefore, in those cases you would note the number in the 2-digit form. However, all Master Numbers are just a higher ‘octave’ of the single-digit number. If you want to know more about these higher frequency numbers, you can visit this site’s Master Numbers page.

Please note that although more information is given below showing you how numerology calculations are computed, if you order a report within this site all these calculations will be done for you. In other words, your report will give you your final numerology numbers and their meanings.


Since your birth date can already be expressed as numbers, it is easy to determine a measurement by summing the figures. For instance, if you are born December 25, 1990, this can be shown numerically as 12/25/1990. It is simply a matter of adding these numbers together to get an accurate calculation, such as determining your Life Path number.


However, a name uses letters of the alphabet. Therefore, you may wonder how one can calculate numbers using a person’s name. Every word spoken carries energy. Each letter carries energy. By assigning a mathematical number to each letter of the alphabet, you can measure the energy of the letter. Then you simply add the letters in the name to arrive at the total frequency of the word, name, or phrase you wish to analyze.

For instance, using the English language, the letter a equals 1, b equals 2, c is 3, and so forth. Adding together the numeric values for letters with double digits provides a single-digit number for a letter. For example, the letter n is the 14th letter of the alphabet. To get the numeric value of this letter, you add 1 plus 4 to get 5. In this way, you can calculate a value for a person’s name, or various components thereof, to ascertain a different personal profile for his or her chart.

Here is a Alpha Numeric Chart of mathematical designations for the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet for easy reference.

Using the methods discussed above, a numerologist can determine major influences, such as your Life Path, Expression (Destiny), Heart’s Desire (Inner You), Birthday, and Personality (Outward Appearance). However, a full numerology reading will give you much, much more! It can offer hope and insight and be extremely constructive. The empowering benefits often expand in many areas of your life. A numerology reading can allow you to be more compassionate and accepting of yourself and others and give you more confidence, as you it assists you in understanding your strengths and challenges more fully. This knowledge provides an easy way to seize opportunities and avoid challenges during your life– a strong tool to help you achieve a full and happy life!


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