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Has your life been difficult? Are you familiar with your strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities? Maybe you thought you knew yourself, but do you truly know all the gifts you have at your disposal? Have you ever wished you knew what to expect in life so the road could be easier? Perhaps you need assistance finding your passion? Would you like help? You can have a blueprint of expected personal trends and forecasting for the next several years and months! A Personality Profiles & Future Forecasting numerology report can give you all these answers, plus so much more.

The average report is between 50 and 60 pages long! It begins with your Core Numerology Numbers—Life Path Number, Birthday, Expression (or Destiny), Heart’s Desire (or Soul’s Urge) and Personality. These calculations are determined based upon your date of birth (month, day, and year) and your full name (first, middle, and last) chosen for you when you first entered the physical world. Since many of you either go by a nickname or have changed your name since your date of birth, the numerology report also shows minor influences extracted from a current name. In total, your numerology reading provides you with over thirty different calculated influences.

Furthermore, it is important to note that you do not have to worry about providing personal information to receive a report within this site. Your information is important to us and we make every effort to keep it 100% private, as indicated in our Privacy Policy.

Your full Personality Profiles & Future Forecasting numerology reading will give you the following items:

Life Path Number – This number shows you main purpose in this current life.

Birthday Number – This number reveals your precise talents associated with your particular day of birth.

Personality Number – This number shows how your present yourself to the world–the outer you.

Expression Number (including Minor Expression) – This represents all your skills, gifts, and deficiencies—a lifelong feature to which you are aiming.

Heart’s Desire Number (including Minor Heart’s Desire) – This number reveals the deep desires, likes and dislikes, within you. It is the Inner you that is often hidden from the world.

Maturity Number – As you mature, a deep-seated, fundamental yearning may gradually emerge. This number reveals this wish that appears as you approach middle age, at approximately age thirty to thirty-five.

Life Path/Expression Bridge – Differences between major core numerology numbers can be hard to connect. Therefore, this birth number provides assistance in closing the gap between your Life Path Number and your Expression Number.

Heart’s Desire/Personality Bridge – This is a number that helps you make the individual Core Numerology Numbers of your Heart’s Desire and Personality more compatible.

Karmic Lessons – We all have weaknesses. Your name will reveal those missing numbers that indicate karmic lessons. Depending on the letters of your name, you may have none, one or several of these lessons.

Hidden Passions – You may have some extraordinary strong suits. These can be expressed as Hidden Passions and you can have more than one of these numbers.

Physical Planes of Expression – This number reveals how you take in information on the physical plane.

Mental Planes of Expression – This number tells how you perceive data on the mental plane.

Emotional Planes of Expression – This number gives you how you gather facts on an emotional level.

Intuitive Planes of Expression – This number signifies how you sense knowledge from an intuitive state.

Balance – People encounter varying internal reactions to difficulties in life. Your Balance number helps guide you on the most beneficial way to handle challenges that come your way.

Rational Thought – Your Rational Thought number tells you how you think. For instance, are you a dreamer or a sensible, disciplined thinker? Do you permit your imagination to influence your opinions? Are you conventional or unconventional when solving problems?

Cornerstone – Your Cornerstone number, the first letter of your name, conveys another foundational aspect of your character, especially as to how you tackle challenges and look at opportunities.

Subconscious Self – This number uncovers areas that may need strengthening in your character. It also shows you how you might respond to tough conditions.

Challenges – When you enter this world, you have certain obstacles that will help you in your growth. The Challenges listed in a numerological report outline various challenges and time periods they are mainly in effect.

Pinnacles – We each have four high point lessons that we are working towards during our lifetime. Pinnacles outline these periods and the general trends during these times.

Life Path Cycles – Life is a journey of discovery and growth. As such, your Life Path is divided into three distinct periods of development based upon your month, day and year of birth.

Transits – These numbers look more deeply within your name, focusing on individual letters of your name. During life, there is movement between letters corresponding to years in your life. Therefore, the letter currently influencing your life can give you precise influences during the next year. The Transit numbers are periods of time from one birthday to the next.

Physical Transit – This number reveals the physical influences for the upcoming year.

Mental Transit – This value gives you the mental influences during the next year.

Spiritual Transit – This amount tells you the spiritual forces upon you during the upcoming year.

Essence – Your Essence numbers are another gauge of the material you will be facing during the upcoming year. These influences run from birthday to birthday and provide plain advice on ways to thrive the most in the coming year.

Personal Years – Personal Years are similar to your Essence number. However, whereas Essences run from birthday to birthday, Personal Years run on a calendar year, from January 1 to December 31. We all go through a various ongoing cycles in life, and your Personal Year will reveal the cycle you may be within—a number from 1 to 9. Once identified, you can determine what trends are likely to occur within that year. Your numerology reading gives you three upcoming Personal Years.

Personal Months – Personal Months are the same as Personal Years, except they give you information for a particular calendar month. Your numerology report will show you the trends for the next 36 months, so that you can plan accordingly.


Awareness is the first step in transforming your life. Therefore, do not let another minute stop you from achieving success in your life! Order now!

Furthermore, as stated above, you do not have to worry about providing personal information to receive a report within this site. Your information is important to us and we make every effort to keep it 100% private, as indicated in our Privacy Policy.


Personality Profiles and Future Forecasts – Using your full name at birth, your date of birth, and the name you now may use to introduce yourself, this birth charts report includes a 3-year forecast and describes all aspects of your personality, as understood in numerology. Average report is approximately 50-60 pages long. – Cost $49.50

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Please note that in order to generate an accurate report, you must provide all requested fields shown below—your date of birth (month, day and year), your FULL NAME at birth, your name currently used. If you have any questions, you can email Cindy at cindy@cindysnumerology.com.

Help in Filling out Requested Information:

In order to create accurate reports, you must make sure the correct names and dates of birth are provided. Please check your spelling before submitting for a report.

Extensions such as Jr, Sr, Dr, III (“the third”), and so forth are not relevant in numerology. Therefore, if you submit your name with such additions, they will not be used to generate your report.

In addition, all reports are based upon names using the English alphabet. If you submit a request using a name in a different alphabet, you will not receive a report and your money will be returned to you. If the person for which you intend to create a profile was given a name in a different alphabet, for example a Chinese or Russian alphabet, use the English translation of the full name at birth. As with an adopted name, this profile will be accurate, but lacking some of the insights and depth found in a profile based on the original name in the original alphabet. In the case of Chinese and other Asian cultures, you may find that the first and last names are reversed on the birth certificates. You must always use the family name as the last name.

FULL NAME AT BIRTH: Most people know the full name given to them at birth. If you are unsure, please use your full birth name that appears on your birth certificate. In any case, use the very first name you received when you were born. For middle names, do not use initials, unless that is what was set for you and is shown on your birth certificate. If you have no middle name, then leave that field blank. For last names, give the FAMILY last name that you usually share with your parents and siblings.

DATE OF BIRTH: Please give your birth date in month, day, and year order.

CURRENT NAME: The “current name” is your name that you currently use to introduce yourself. If you use a married name or nickname, you will give that name here.

In order to generate an accurate report, you must fill in all requested fields below (those items that are starred are required).

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